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First a Cat's Bris Party, Now a Bark Mitzvah ... What's Next? A Woof-Woof Ufruf?

If you liked my post about my friends’ bris party after their cat got neutered, you’ll love hearing about the “bark mitzvah”!

In her brand-new book Let’s Have a Dog Party!, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk talks about this fun fiesta for Fido:
I was once invited to a “Bark Mitzvah,” or Jewish coming of age party, for a dog who was about to turn two, which is roughly equivalent to thirteen years for a human boy. It turned out not to be the last such event.

Lisa Katz, who writes on www.judaism.about.com, said, “I almost fell off my chair when I first heard the latest craze among American Jews.” She found out that “some people do Bark Mitzvahs for Purim entertainment, some do it to raise money for charity, and others do it simply for the fun of it.”

The Miami Herald reported on a Bark Mitzvah held by Edie and Ed Rudy for their thirteen-year-old poodle, Columbo, which won praise and raised eyebrows, particularly at Columbo’s get-up: a gold yarmulke and a prayer shawl! And he was presented with a certificate of congratulations signed by Rabbi Rex Doberman of Congregation Beth Poodle.

According to The Miami Herald story, Edie, whose children are all grown up, said, “He is like a child.” Edie goes on to say, “With so much going on in the world, it’s nice to come together and celebrate something positive.”

The paper reported that Rabbi Gary Glickstein of Temple Beth Sholom, a Reform synagogue in Miami Beach, appreciates the different ways people find to express their Judaism. “It is easy to make fun of something here,” the paper quoted him. “But I think there is a motivation here that is positive in some way.”

You can find all you need for a Bark Mitzvah on the Internet. Bark Mitzvah packages can include Star of David treats and Bark Mitzvah certificates to commemorate the special occasion. For about $50, www.placeseveryone.com offers a seating kit for your Bark Mitzvah celebration, as well as a Bark Mitzvah certificate.


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