"I've noticed that quite a lot of people who are prominent in the animal liberation movement are Jews. Maybe we are simply not prepared to see the powerful hurting the weak." --Peter Singer (Author, Animal Liberation)


Cuteness and Prom King Candidacy in the Same Veggie Weekend

Last weekend marked the third annual Veggie Pride Parade in New York City, and the first-ever Veggie Prom and Vegan (Prom Hangover) Potluck Picnic were coordinated to coincide with the event. All in the same weekend, I secured my spot in a contest for cuteness and vied for the title of "Prom King."

On May 16, as I wrote on The Jew & The Carrot the following day, "I embodied the dual identity of the Jew and the carrot once again to lead the third annual Veggie Pride Parade through the streets of Manhattan. Trailing a police escort and walking in front of hundreds of enthusiastic herbivores, I frequently shouted 'Eat Your Veggies, Not Your Friends!' while dressed as Chris P. Carrot."

Today, The PETA Files announced a contest for the cutest photo. Click here to vote for the picture of me as Chris P. Carrot alongside my "wife," Penelo Pea Pod. As I just posted on The Jew & The Carrot, "A post on PETA’s blog announced, 'Calling all connoisseurs of cuteness: We need your help deciding which of the following pics from recent PETA demonstrations is the most aww-inspiring.' (Note: Although PETA owns the costume that I borrowed, the event was not a PETA demonstration.) The other photos feature a little kid protesting against the cruelty of the dairy industry and someone in an elephant costume educating people about the abuse of elephants in circuses."

Earlier that weekend, I attended a fun prom-themed dance party called Veggie Prom. The event was organized by the folks who run Veggie Conquest and DJed by DJ Lil Ray. At least half of the "Prom Court" (candidates for "Prom King" and "Prom Queen") consisted of vegan Jews. I don't know how I got nominated, but it was fun to participate. The title of Prom King was given to fellow herbivorous heeb David Benzaquen (left), who works for Farm Sanctuary.


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