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Two Significant Posts From FailedMessiah.com

Last week, Failed Messiah had two posts that are worth discussing here (three if you include the one that I talked about in my previous post).

On Wednesday, Failed Messiah talked about The Humane Society of the United States' investigation of a cow slaughterhouse in California, posting a Washington Post article, video footage, and personal commentary. Failed Messiah points out:

Jewish law would not allow the slaughter of downed animals or seriously weakened animals, would it?

In theory, Jewish law would forbid the slaughter for kosher meat of a downed or seriously weakened animal.

Rubashkin did process several suspect cows and was cited for that by the USDA FSIS.

More than that, no major kosher supervision company or organization supervises the holding pens and transit facilities. None of these rabbis make sure weak or sick cattle are kept out of the kosher food chain. None of them do anything to ensure humane handling of the animals prior to slaughter. None of them even make sure animals have water to drink and, if being held overnight, food to eat.

Rabbis do not enforce tzaar baalei hayyim [unnecessary animal suffering] laws.

The following day, a Failed Messiah post showed some interesting "digging" on the kosher slaughter issue. The post begins:
Documents ... obtained by FailedMessiah.com under the Freedom of Information Act show that the USDA now permits probing or excision of an open ritual slaughter wound using a meat hook, even though the cattle this procedure is perfomed on are fully conscious at the time the procedure is carried out.

Further, even though internal USDA documents, made public here for the first time, show the USDA expects a "rabbi" will perform the meat hook procedure, in practice the USDA allows any plant employee, Jewish or not, trained or not, to carry it out.

The USDA ruled in an internal document ... dated June 12, 2007 that use of a "node hook" (a small meat hook often called a boning hook) by a "rabbi" to "facilitate bleeding" falls under the religious exemption for ritual slaughter and can be done to fully conscious cattle.
Click here to read the entire post and see the actual documents.


  • At 2/05/2008 9:49 PM, Blogger heebnvegan said…

    More news from Failed Messiah: Moshe and Sholom Rubashkin (of Rubashkin's/AgriProcessors fame) are guilty in the EPA/textile mill case.

    For more info:

  • At 3/03/2008 6:32 PM, Blogger heebnvegan said…

    There's controversy surrounding food safety concerns that seem similar (at least on the surface) at Rubashkin's Local Pride slaughterhouse in Gordon, Nebraska.

    Check out Failed Messiah's post for the blog's commentary, a union's press release, and an Associated Press article:



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