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Three Rosh Hashanah Meals

I had a rather varied kickoff to 5770. All Rosh Hashanah meals were not created equal.

After attending Conservative services to start off the High Holidays on Friday night, I went to a nearby Chabad House for dinner. Not too surprisingly, chicken was the main course, but there were enough vegetable side dishes to get by. This meal couldn't compete with more vegan-friendly Chabad dinners I've enjoyed personally or drooled over from afar, but it was par for the course. I could've done without the fish heads on the table; I've read that some vegetarians use the heads of leeks instead.

On Saturday, I hosted my parents and grandma for a holiday dinner at my apartment. This time, everything was vegan and there were no fish heads on the table. My mom made kasha varnishkas and vegetable soup, and I made curried lentils, carrot-parsley salad, apples with agave nectar, and quasi-round cinnamon-raisin challah. My family unanimously agreed that this was the best vegan challah I've made yet.

I would've loved to attend the storytelling and special-menu Rosh Hashanah dinner at all-vegan Sacred Chow on Saturday, but it conflicted with my family's celebration. I was elated when I stopped by Sacred Chow for lunch today and saw that the restaurant was still serving Rosh Hashanah specials. I enjoyed both the Kasha & Leek Beggar's Purse and White Pizza Rustica With Housemade Sausage, even if I failed to see a connection between the latter and the Jewish New Year. Other specials included House-Made Challah, Roasted Yams & Sauteed Leeks With Pomegranate Seeds, Tzimmes Cassoulet, Roasted Beet Hummus, Blintzes With White Chocolate Cream Cheese & Wild-Berry Sauce, and Cactus Pears With a Orange-Date Agave Dip.

Typing that last sentence made me hungry. Who's ready for Yom Kippur?


  • At 9/30/2009 10:27 AM, Blogger Jenn said…

    I love veganized holiday food! It's cool to see new traditions based from old, like leek heads for fish heads.


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