"I've noticed that quite a lot of people who are prominent in the animal liberation movement are Jews. Maybe we are simply not prepared to see the powerful hurting the weak." --Peter Singer (Author, Animal Liberation)



Israeli Campaign Against Battery Cages
The Jerusalem Post ran an article about Anonymous for Animal Rights' campaign against battery cages in Israel. "Three years ago, the Agriculture Ministry decided to reconstruct the entire egg industry, which means most of the existing hen houses were out of use, and they decided to build new ones … with no regulation of animal welfare. So we are protesting against this," said an activist from the group.

Change to a Ritual Because of Swine Flu Concerns
Haaeretz reported, "The swine flu scare has recently prompted one of the leading spiritual figures of the ultra-Orthodox world to change one of Judaism's time-honored traditions - that of drinking wine together from the same glass. Yaakov Aryeh Alter, seventh and current rabbi of the Hasidic dynasty of Ger, instructed his disciples in Jerusalem a few weeks ago to toast with individual and disposable plastic cups containing a few drops of wine from the rabbi's own glass." The article also noted that there have been more than 750 cases of swine flu in Israel. (Hat Tip: Failed Messiah)

Kosher Beef Prices on the Rise
According to YNet, in South American countries, corn and soybeans otherwise used for feed are increasingly being used for fuel. The price of kosher beef in Israel, an importer of South American beef, might jump by as much as 40 percent as the size of the supply decreases. "This should impact the US glatt kosher market, as well, although much less so than in Israel," noted Failed Messiah. Only time will tell whether this news will get more Jews to eat vegetarian meals, as last year's apparent kosher meat shortage did.

Video Surveillance at Kosher Facilities
Last week, Haaretz reported that Be'er Sheva chief rabbi Yehuda Deri has proposed installing video cameras at kosher restaurants and bars as part of the kosher supervision process. Failed Messiah pointed out, "There is nothing that new or revolutionary in this proposal." Failed Messiah mentioned that "American haredi Rabbi Yudel Shain long ago worked out ... a remote bishul yisrael system to turn on boilers and ovens in food processing plants" and that Dr. Temple Grandin has called for video surveillance in kosher slaughterhouses. Click here to read last year's heebnvegan post about the background story behind Dr. Grandin's suggestion.

Carol Leifer: Heeb and Vegan
Comedian and writer Carol Leifer appears in a new PETA PSA about veganism. Says Leifer, "I recently became vegan because I felt that as a Jewish lesbian, I wasn't part of a small enough minority. So now I'm a Jewish lesbian vegan."


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