"I've noticed that quite a lot of people who are prominent in the animal liberation movement are Jews. Maybe we are simply not prepared to see the powerful hurting the weak." --Peter Singer (Author, Animal Liberation)


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A Scent of Scandal makes soy-wax candles that are eco- and animal-friendly. Entertainment Weekly says the candles are "lighting a fire under Hollywood types," and the list of "celebrities who've been caught with a scandal" is rather impressive. The name of each candle has a clever and "scandalous" relationship with its fragrance. For example, Turning Tricks smells like candy corn, Tighty Whities smells like fresh laundry, and Sugar Daddy smells like brown sugar. Those are actually some of the tamer names. Check out A Scent of Scandal's scent menu for many funnier and innuendo-laden varieties.

A Scent of Scandal is run by Jewish siblings Ari Solomon and Heather Brancaccio. Two of the candles in the company's seasonal collection have Jewish themes: Challahback Girl (challah bread) and Hanukkah Bush (fir). "We sell a TON of the Hanukkah-themed candles!" says Ari. "It was very important for us that we represented for our fellow Jews out there."

A Scent of Scandal's candles are better for you (soy wax is easy to clean up), animals (the candles are cruelty-free and contain no tallow, beeswax, or other animal ingredients), and the environment. Ari says that beeswax is common in eco-friendly candles and that many paraffin candles without animal byproducts are petroleum-based. A Scent of Scandal's Web site notes that burning soy-wax candles produces no carbon dioxide and 90 percent less soot than typical petroleum-based paraffin candles.

Ari is vegan (click here to read why), and the company is a true friend of animals. A Scent of Scandal is part of the PETA Business Friends program and sells candles that benefit two charities. Fifteen percent of proceeds from the Rock the Boat (ocean) and A Roll in the Hay (grass) candles go to Sea Shepherd and Farm Sanctuary, respectively. And Ari was quick to point out:

The best gift that you can give yourself and the world this holiday season is to go vegetarian. If you're already vegetarian, please consider going vegan. We've got to work together to make this planet a more compassionate place to live.
A Scent of Scandal's candles make great holiday gifts. From now until the end of the year, you can get 10 percent off your order by using the promotional code "heebnvegan" at checkout. Go to AScentOfScandal.com to learn more and shop!


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